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Tone and Respect Reminder

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  • Tone and Respect Reminder

    There have been several posts / threads which have started to spiral and to go directions we do not want this board to end up. The MODs here are all voluntary and should not need to take time out of their day monitoring, chaperoning, or policing behavior for grown men and women. This is a gentle reminder to please keep all comments courteous, all replies on topic, and in a manner and tone you would like to be spoken to.

    The next step will be to ban / block individuals who cannot abide by this policy. We will not monitor a suspension policy as again the MODS all have day jobs and families.

    This board is an amazing source of knowledge, friendship, and community. Let’s remember to keep it that way.

    If you do not agree with someone, ignore the post. If there is differing opinion on a fix, symptom, problem, do the same ignore the response and let the original poster sift through their options and figure out what is best for them. Remember Opinions are like back sides. Everyone has one.

    The willingness of the members to help out is what makes this board so great. Please keep that up.

    This thread will be immediately locked as no need to reply, but this needed to be said and hopefully we can all take a step back and reflect on responses / posts.

    Thanks in advance.
    Denver, CO
    1971 Series IIA Dormobile (The Original RTT)