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  • Visitor Messages vs Personal Message

    What's the difference between Visitor Messages and Personal Messages? I seem to get confused with these a fair bit and am also wondering if others have had the same challenge with trying to communicate privately with others.

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    Yep, very confusing, don't do a visitor message if I can help it.
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      Visitor messages get posted publicly on a member’s profile page, where they sit unnoticed until someone happens to wander over to that member’s profile page and sees the visitor message, whereas a Private message gets sent directly to a member’s private inbox whereby an email is then sent to the member, letting them know someone’s sent them a private message.

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        It sure is a strange feature, I've never understood the appeal? It just seems to confuse people.
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          Thanks Mark.

          Yes, I agree it's an odd feature.


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            Agree, I just mixed up the two replying to GiftShopDuane..
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