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    One of my neighbors sells cutting systems to many clients among them shipbuilders. He get Shipbuilding industry magazines among other industries. Anyway he let me read a magazine he just got, Work Boat, so I could see the article on a hydrogen powered ferry just launched.and being tested in SF Bay.
    In the back of the mag I found an article on a new paint, made by Jotun.

    I will quote the first couple of paragraphs so I don't mix things up;

    "By Michael Crowley

    Want something different for your steel workboat? How about a marine paint whose effective lifetime is measured in decades and not a few years? Two to three decades, 20 to 30 years, is what Jotun says you get with the Jotacote Universal S120 epoxy. It will be introduced this December at the International Work-Boat Show in New Orleans.
    This is a solvent-free epoxy coating first unveiled four years ago in Europe and South Korea after 13 years of research and development. Jotun's S120 epoxy can be used as a one-coat system, or as a primer for regular paints and antifoulants.
    The key to its longevity, adhesiveness, and flexibility is its patented Covalolox technology that uses covalent bonds instead of relying on hydrogen bonds to adhere the coating to steel plating.
    "This gives a double locking mechanism," said Steven Feldman, Jotun's director of business development, "where you still have hydrogen bonds you now have covalent bonds, which is a chemical bond 10 time stronger than the typical hydrogen bonds."

    He goes on to say if the coating gets scratched the covalent bonding doesn't let the rust creep under the edge.

    Sounds like ,depending on cost, a winner for the car restoration community!

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    Hello from Brisbane.

    I had my workshop floor treated with Jotan’s Jotacote about 20 years ago and it’s still in great shape. No doubt different stuff to what they’re using on boats but it’s testimony to their reputation for making stuff that works.

    I was originally put on to Jotacote by my brother in law who owns a large earthmoving business. His shed floors were finished with it and they sustain a lot of traffic with heavy machines and general workshop use and abuse.




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      I hesitated from commenting because my knowledge of paint is very deep in a couple of small slices of the paint pie. I don't have experience in what you're asking about.

      That said, I like epoxy primers and two part top coats for Rovers, but I've only painted the bulkhead and rad support this way. The aluminum will get paint "someday".

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        It would be interesting to see how it adheres to aluminium as opposed to steel.... What makes aluminium alloys so difficult to paint is also what makethem durable, as the bare metal will oxidize quickly. It is this hard, almost-imperceptable oxide coating that makes painting problematic. A 'new' paint would be great...better living through chemistry....

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