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    Originally posted by 72Rover View Post
    I know where you can get a quad-mount, Bofors 40 locally.
    This :

    or this:

    Both are quad mount bofors.

    The quad Polsten would be a good fit in the load bed of a Centaur. Like an M45 on steroids.


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      Originally posted by Rusty Goose View Post
      2 BILLION is a mind-blowing number. To make it more easily to comprehend, lets nock it back to 970 million or so. That is what the winner will get for the cash buy out. So after gathering a whole lot of friends (perhaps a few family) and claim we all went in on the ticket purchase.

      So now it is more manageable and still plenty to set it up for my family to live comfortably for generations. Now to get to work;

      I'd start a school for restoring Land Rovers, concentrating on younger generations to help build the skills for keeping vintage vehicles on the road. Classes being taught by skilled people with the same passion. The school would buy up derelicts, students restore them, sell them to fund purchasing more. Source parts from venders here to keep the money flowing through them to make sure they stay in good shape to supply parts for a long time too.

      Meanwhile I keep driving my '88 somewhat blue '88 with a soft top, just it doesn't leak anywhere and has a proper coffee cup holder.

      I would attend your school. As a full-time, rest-of-my-life student.


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        Now, what would I buy? A LHD Perentie with A/C and a hardtop to store gear for long road trips.


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          I saw someone had a built NAS 90 soft top on 35" TSLs for sale. Looked like it was in decent shape and well built out. I thought about it, I'd just fly up there, buy it, drive it to a rover shop in Raleigh, let them go through it. Then drive it to Uwharrie every Tuesday.

          Right behind it, a brand new L460 Range Rover with the executive 2nd row seat. Oh and Holland and Holland edition.

          Otherwise I'd probably spend money to repower the 109. Rock sliders/underside skids for the D5.

          Oh and for any 4x4 event, I'd get the biggest RV off of RV share delivered and setup to the campsite. Good to go.

          This is all a lie, I'd just end up finally replacing the water heaters at the house and buy some more Milwaukee M18 tools...


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            Well since money is the root of all evil, I'd find the earliest, rattiest series I could find and rebuild it with all original parts. That would exhaust my account of that demonic currency pretty quick and return my soul to the light. I'd be poor again but happy.


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              Originally posted by RustCollector View Post
              First, I'd need to buy a large lot with a big warehouse. Then I could start buying. I'd go for a nice 109 four door first.
              I'm in this camp of ideas. A large lot would be a nice big parcel, with hills, rocks and water, 100 acres or more. A big fully equipped shop. Then I would groom a few courses to give the old Rovers a place to have fun.

              I would finish my 88 2a, then look for a 109. Then.......
              Phone or Drive, Not Both. Stop driving distracted.


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                Id travel the world hunting up dry rust free series trucks, buy up hoards of parts and build them at a now but on steroids...
                John Dorr
                Delhi,NY 13753

                In progress...
                1959 ser 2 109 truck cab- 283 V8//t18 4 spd


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                  Just putting this here.

                  Phone or Drive, Not Both. Stop driving distracted.


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                    Originally posted by 64osby View Post
                    Is that what used to be ECR?
                    1960 109 w/ 200TDI
                    rebuild blog;

                    You don't see faith healers working in hospitals for the same reason you don't see psychics winning the lottery.


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                      ECR is listed as existing in Maine. ecdautodesign is listed as existing in Kissimmee Florida. Could possibly be the same people who didn't want to live in snow bound areas, but I kind of think it is different ownership.
                      Phone or Drive, Not Both. Stop driving distracted.