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Brit Dog's Tow Truck "Reborn" as Alice

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    No doubt they do some amazing repairs.


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      Well the engine is out again. The series 1 clutch is mechanical and I didn't get the cross shaft installed at the correctly. I also had a small engine oil leak so I decided to take the engine out and rework the clutch mechanism. The engine oil is either the T Seal or the main seal, or both, or just a normal leak. It took less that an hour to pull the engine.
      There are several things to fix with the clutch linkage. Seems that some of the slop is coming from the attachment hole in the relay lever. I'm having the hole drilled out to a larger size and then put a rod in it and then re-drill the hole to the proper size. It will some time to get everything I need so I'll be finishing some of the wiring up and get the rear bed back on.