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    I posted in another thread that I was actually going to break down and put all the screws in my floor panels. Well as usual in Series Truck land we had some project creep. The edges of the two floor panels where they attach to the bulkhead were pretty ragged from galvanic corrosion.Also the drivers panel had a hole worn through where your heel rests. What really pushed me over the edge was the 3 x 4 sheet of aluminum that I discovered a few days ago. I stuck some duct tape on the old panels to give me a new outline that better lined up with the trans tunnel etc. Then in an unusual moment of thinking ahead I made some marks to move some of the screw holes to better line up with the footboxes and trans tunnel. Each panel took about 20 minutes to make. Luckily I had the correct size chassis punch for the holes to make the oval hole for the hi/low lever. I used some spray can etch primer and painted the bottoms black and the top silver. I cut up some sound deadening material and stuck it to the bottom of each panel. I'll install them tomorrow. Click image for larger version

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    Nice work! They should last another half century or so. My floors aren't old enough for corrosion, but I have needed to oval out some holes to match the targets on the other panels.

    What does a chassis punch look like?

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      A chassis punch punches a hole without distorting the metal. Click image for larger version

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        Nice. Better than my wood working hole saws, I'll bet.
        '73 S3 88"
        '87 110 garden shed


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          Looks great!
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            Looks good! I have a set of those, always just heard them called hole punches. Got mine at a yard sale!
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              Nice work! I half thought about making my own floors, but I was able to modify an old set pretty easily.
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                A bit more project creep today. Moving the shifter around to get the tunnel out to seal it up I realized that it had a bit of play and needed a new o ring. Also the shifter itself needed painted as it was a bit rusty. Believe it or not I never removed the shift lever from the trans during the rebuild. So after a new o ring and some paint things started going back together. The bulkhead adaptor, tunnel, and left floor panel are in. Then the sun started beating straight down on the truck and I went inside to make sure the AC was working properly. Tomorrow morning will be cool enough to install the right side floor.