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Exmoor deluxe seat install

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  • Exmoor deluxe seat install

    Installed Deluxe seats in my 109 station wagon yesterday and found that the seat backs are not flush to the middle seat hand rail. What am i missing?

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    It may not be you.... I bought a set of Exmore "deluxe" bottoms a while back and they did not fit. Measurably and visually bigger than the Series III originals.
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      In true Rover ownership, I have had these seats on my shelf for about 5 years and just installed them now.
      My seat frames are ex military and the bottom cushions went in flush.
      Have any pictures of the seat cushions in your seat frames?
      The back cushion should rotate and make contact with the bar.
      But that will put undo stress on the backing board.


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        Pretty much everything Exmoor makes these days is garbage. Believe it or not, the Brit Part deluxe seats are much much better.


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          Yeah, just watched a Youtube vid from LR live(?) about their operations. They showed how they have improved some of the parts for Land Rovers.