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    I just spent about 10 hours over the last couple of days under the hood of a 72 ranchero. Little brother said he needed help tuning it. This thing has sat for 2 years. When he bought it the best it would do is idle for 6 minutes after filling the carb's bowl. If he rev'd it it would miss. If he moved it it was ballless. He found a crack in the dizzy cap and replaced it. The misfires went away. We r&r'd the fuel pump, pulled and cleaned the jets and needle valve. Now it runs and stumbled a couple of times while cruising around his neighborhood.

    So now I think I can tune it. Should be like tuning a 2.25, right? Motorcraft 2 barrel, electronic ignition. 351 ci. I think I'll disconnect the vacuum advance, hook up a vacuum guage to the intake manifold. Adjust primary mixture until the highest vacuum, adujt secondary mixture screw to match. Adjust timing to the highest vacuum. Adjust idle to 800 rpms. Repeat 2 or 3 times and call it good, right?
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    It's funny, I've owned half a dozen vehicles with V8's from the 70's/80's (nothing recently) and due to my lack of knowledge at the time, I never tuned any of them. Or at least, I never improved them by tuning them. Your project sounds fun. Sounds like your game plan will get you a good runner.

    I have to guess that the interwebs will have an answer for ignition timing on that engine, if you want to use a timing light.
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      I made a lot of money in the 70s removing emission equipment and re tuning cars. It was a decade of low horsepower smog strangled engines with terrible drivability issues. Of course the 80s weren’t any better.