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RovahFarm is shutdown for the week due to moving

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  • RovahFarm is shutdown for the week due to moving

    For those that don't check other forums, I wanted to share this info:

    "Just talked to Trevor and he is on the road, moving the shop back to Maine. Said it would be a week before taking or shipping orders, FYI"

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    Thats cool.
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      Who moves BACK to Maine?


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        If I ever get back to the point where I’m ordering parts again, it’ll be nice to have 2 sources that are only 1 shipping day away again.

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          Well, I just placed two orders in the last two days with him. Wish I would have known. I need the parts next week. I'll give him a call and see if I can cancel. Thanks for the heads up.

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            Looking forward to having Trevor 1/2 hour away again. Always enjoyed time spent with him.
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              It'll be nice to have him back in New England again
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                I wonder if his wife is moving from Calif?
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