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A Most Successful Conclusion

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  • A Most Successful Conclusion

    I'm very pleased to say that today my Land Rovers, the vehicles that inspired me and had me obsessed are now traveling to a new home where they will be properly cared for and appreciated. I always worried that they might end up parted out, crushed, or even worse be the recipients of small block Chevys.
    I'd like to thank this bulletin board, and my old buddy Art for helping to make this happen. I look forward to keeping up with the continuation of their Rovering. Godspeed Beula and Maggie, Goodspeed. Rover on!

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    Jim, they still look excellent! Thank you for posting the follow-up and photos!

    Just because you sold them doesn't mean you're not welcome here. You've got a wealth of good information to share!

    1960 Series II SWB Station Wagon


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      Ready for their next chapter. They look like very nice trucks. I would be proud to drive either of them. Sounds like they're going to another member of the Rover community. I'm continually impressed with the quality of people I meet through sites like this and the instant bond Rover obsession brings. Rover on indeed.


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        Congratulations I guess. Always sad to see when someone parts with their beloved rovers. Although it did sound like it was the right thing at the right time. Good luck staying roverless!
        1960 SII

        Happiness is me out camping. @getlostcamping