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Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day, you Turkeys!

    Seriously, after these past two years I’m genuinely thankful, and I wish you all the best.

    Tom P.
    Tom P.
    1965 exMod IIa 109
    1995 RRC LWB w/EAS

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    in a weird way COVID has been a positive thing. I know that I am aware and grateful for friends and family, but also the little things…one thing I really missed During the pandemic was having a Pizza and a Draft Beer at our local place, beer always tastes better when someone pours it for you!!

    I remember my Mom telling me about living through the Depression ( not trying to draw a comparison) and I couldn’t fathom what that was like for her, her Parents and her 7 Siblings. She told me stories her entire life! Now we have stories!

    COVID may be the Dope Slap that society needs every 50 years just to keep us humble!

    I too am Thankful and honored to be part of this oil-soaked family.

    Cheers! ( 3 Fingers of Blanton’s)


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      Thanks to all my Rover family. You are truly a blessing.
      64 88 2.5 NAD 2a What would I do with all my spare time if I didn't own a Rover?


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        Happy Thanksgiving to all of you my friends.
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          GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
          1960 109 w/ 200TDI
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