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Brake light switch wiring

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  • Brake light switch wiring

    I have the brake light switch on the pedal tower, but it has no wires running to it. This is the way I bought it years ago. Many of the wire had been stripped out or cut off by the previous owner. My question is, where do the two wires from the switch lead to? Are these two wires part of the main harness or do they plug into it or someplace else? Any guidance for this would be much appreciated. It’s one of the last jobs that keeps me from taking my Land Rover out on the road for a real drive.

    1970 IIA 88”

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    It's just an open/close switch. One side should connect to a green wire off your fuse box and the other connects to a green&purple wire that goes to the brake lights themselves.
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      Then get ready to do this;
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        Thanks to you both. I think I should be able to figure it out. The wiring schematic is useful and helped me sort out a problem I was experiencing with my headlights.


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          Allow me to second what Gene (LooseGravel) says about replacing that switch. It's impossible to get the new, cheap switches to work in this task for more than a minute (and very difficult with genuine old ones). Plan to follow Gene's instructions soon, and you'll never have to deal with it again. I went through 3 OEM style switches of varying quality before I converted.
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            That’s good advice and with Gene’s excellent instructions it should be something I can manage. I’ll locate and order a switch and spring this week and start the conversion.