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PSA: Geoffrey Croker has a new Rover specific channel

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  • PSA: Geoffrey Croker has a new Rover specific channel

    He split the Rover stuff from all of his shop tool overhaul stuff.

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    I just discovered that last night. I wish he could crank out videos once or twice a week like some other channels. I love his stuff.

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      One of the better YouTubers wrenching on his Series Rover - damn good sense of humor. But man - I'm not sure I would have held onto that chassis the way he has!
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        Yeah, now that he's had it galvanized he'll keep it even longer. I do admire his fabbing skills.

        I wonder what the real cost of getting a new galvanized chassis delivered to New Zealand is? He frequently complains about waiting 2 weeks to get a shipment of gaskets, or whatever, and the huge cost involved. Import taxes?
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