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The future of fuel level senders?

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  • The future of fuel level senders?

    Whilst going deep down the rabbit hole of series fuel senders (well beyond early vs late gauges) and trying to separate the rear tanks from the front tanks and the petrol from the diesels which all mostly seem now to be covered by the one size fits all/none part #90560612, I came across this piece of whiz-bang high uses a freakin' laser beam!

    Before everyone rushes and buys one, as built it is only a 5 bolt flange (not 6 3British Association cheese head screws which is yet another damn rabbit hole I went down to convert to socket head screws). But a phenolic flange adapter shouldn't be too hard, especially for you Sniper adoptees.
    By utilizing LIDAR technology, Holley's new Easy Level sending unit eliminates an array of issues that are commonplace with traditional fuel level sending units while also introducing some cool new features.

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    That's pretty high tech. Cool stuff.


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      Yes it is nice tech. Overkill for a Series IMHO.

      Not something that can be fixed in the field.

      Might be great for a go fast 2 seater.
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        All i can think of is Austin Powers/ Dr. Evil when you said laser beams
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          I didn’t delve into it much, but the guy in the Holley video did utter the words ”…as long as you have an electronic fuel level gauge, the Easy Level will work for you.”


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            I just don't see them as viable for offroading or in steep mountain areas unless you are going to always have 1/2 a tank, or do they measure angles, as on a swivel.
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