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  • Carburetor

    What are you running for a carb.? Getting ready for a purchase. I have a Rochester, but from what I learned the MPG is a trade off for horse power. I'm looking for stability and of course the best of both worlds.

    After researching this site I found a post by Yorker a few years back, maybe my best choice is to rebuild my Rochester..


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    1963 Series II A 88

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    I have had excellent results with the 34ich Weber. Smooth idle and average economy.


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      I’ve run the Weber for 12 years in my 88” with no issues other than icing up on cold/damp morning's. I switched to a knock off Zenith a couple of years ago as my Weber was due for a rebuild and it has been running absolutely fine with definitely more noticeable power at the top end. It seems to get similar fuel mileage as the Weber did as well. I think I paid around $60 for the Zenith from the UK so it’s probably cheaper to buy a new carb instead of rebuilding the Zenith down the road.



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        I think what makes sense is to buy the Weber & rebuild the Rochester.. That way I can install a new carb, so I know I'm, good there, now on to the distributor. I have D25 I think that the number.
        I'll start a new thread on the dist. I want everything to be new for the initial start up , this way I'm not chasing one of these issues.

        Then down the road I can swap the parts out if necessary..

        Thank you
        1963 Series II A 88