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    As I move forward, I find myself in a quandary trying to decide where to buy the parts for my Complete Gearbox & transfer Box rebuild.

    As most of you, I'm a pretty logical guy, so I created a spreadsheet listed all the parts needed to complete the rebuild. I researched all the suppliers out there picked the top 4 or 5.

    I started reviewing parts price and delivery, VAT & tax and of course the B.S. that's going to come with ordering parts from some of the suppliers out there.

    Here's what I came away with.

    Moving forward I will be purchasing my parts from PANGOLIN 4X4!

    For those of you who know Ike and the guys you know why, for those of you who don't see below.


    I have called these guys and spent lots of time on the phone with them. When I apologize for taking there time, they always respond the same way,
    It's no bother, take your time we would rather you get the right parts the first time.


    At first, I was concerned about the prices of some of the parts, but at the end of the day, if you figure out the time your going to spend looking at other suppliers and some of the B.S. that comes with ordering from these suppliers like delays, wrong parts, VAT, delivery issues and returning the parts and so on, I would rather order from Pangolin!

    Oh actually, here is a perfect example. I spent a lot of time looking for a new Output Shaft I ended up purchasing a NOS one from Pangolin 4X4 and it was less expensive then there competitors.

    Don't tell Ike I said this, but if you whine a little bit, in some cases he may give you a better price...

    Seriously though,

    If you want fair prices, if you want to eliminate the B.S. in your build and if you want to talk to good knowledgeable guys Pangolin 4X4 is the place!

    Thank you Pangolin 4X4!


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    1963 Series II A 88


    • Update on the project,

      As I move forward I'll be moving in a couple of different directions. While rebuilding the gearbox I'll be completing the chassis and then moving on to the bulk head and the motor.

      Click image for larger version

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      1963 Series II A 88


      • Update:

        Ok let move on to the BULK HEAD! I pulled it from the side of the house, washed her down and will start disassembly tomorrow!

        Click image for larger version

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        1963 Series II A 88