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1960 Land Rover Series II

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  • loose gravel
    Good Luck!

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  • cholewski
    UPDATE - No longer for sale via private sale, my truck will be going live on Bring A Trailer on Monday, June 19th. Cheers!

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  • cholewski
    One more price drop - asking $20,000. Thanks!

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  • cholewski
    Reducing asking price to $25,000 - based on more conversations with some people, that seems to be a more fair and honest price!

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  • RustCollector
    Nice looking truck. I like the ammo can center console.

    Good luck with the sale!

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  • cholewski
    started a topic 1960 Land Rover Series II

    1960 Land Rover Series II

    I purchased my 1960 Series 2 in 2016, it was not running at the time, but everything was there and its frame was free of any serious rust. I proceed to strip the entire truck down to the frame, sanded, primed, and coated the frame, and then slowly over the course of 4 years, rebuilt the truck with many new parts, piece by piece (see full list of rebuild below).

    The Good: Mechanically this truck is in solid condition. In 2020 after the rebuild was complete, I took a friend and drove it 9 hours straight to West Virginia, did some light off roading for a long weekend, and then drove it 9 hours back home - no issues during the entire trip. Since then, I’ve used it minimally for local camping trips and taking the kids to get ice cream. All of the gauges work except for the speedometer, but you’re never breaking any speed limits in a Series truck, so I never bothered to replace it.

    The bad: Like any classic Land Rover, it has some leaks. The rear diff has a very slow leak, and then engine also has a very small oil leak. I top off the engine oil once every 3 months, and I top off the rear diff once a year, and that is more than sufficient for both. Cosmetically, it’s not a concourse vehicle - the body panels have some dents and scratches, and the paint is chipping in some areas.


    PRICE: The prices for these trucks are all over the place when you look at Hagerty, Bring A Trailer, etc. Based on comparisons of similar condition trucks, I’m asking $25,000.

    The rebuild process included…

    - Installed a rebuilt engine from a Series 3
    - Converted to modern screw-on oil filter
    - Installed a new Oil Pressure Gauge
    - New Clutch Master Cylinder
    - New Brake Master Cylinder

    - Installed a new wiring harness for the entire vehicle
    - Converted to negative earth
    - Converted from Dynamo to Alternator
    - New Distributor
    - New Ignition Coil
    - Rebuilt starter motor
    - Added an auxiliary USB + 12v Outlet

    Fuel System:
    - Rebuilt Weber Carburetor
    - New fuel tank
    - New fuel pump
    - New fuel sending unit

    - New drums and brake shoes on all 4 wheels
    - New wheel cylinders on all 4 wheels
    - Replaced all soft brake lines

    - New leaf springs
    - New shocks
    - New U-bolts/hardware

    - Painted the entire body in Matte Bronze Green
    - Painted the safari roof in Cream White
    - Welded a custom roof rack with Auxiliary Hella Lights
    - 4 additional Tow Points, 2 on the front bumper and 2 on the rear bumper
    - Rear Tailgate door is included for when driving with the roof off

    - All new seats in the front
    - New benches in the rear
    - Created a center console with cup holders out of 2 ammunition cans
    - Heavy duty rubber floor mats for driver, passenger, and rear cargo area
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