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Metal Dash Weekend 2021: Sep 17-19

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ID:	196173What a great weekend as always! I made it up for the first time since 2010, albeit a bit late. We left early Saturday morning in the 109 and made it about 30 miles or so, on time to meet up with Aaron and Liam in Mansfield, CT. Slowing down for an upcoming turn, the first pump of the brakes was good, started slowing down on the second pump, and the third pump was greeted with the familiar “whoosh” and loss of pedal pressure. No more brakes, awesome. I tell Aaron to go on without us, we fix up the rusty line at the nearest auto store and as we’re bleeding the rear I can see fluid also now leaking from the front hard line descending to the lower wheel cylinder, even better. I get the truck home and not giving up yet we Beverly Hillbillies pack up the 88 and hit the road. We caught up to everyone at the Apple orchard and back at camp. It was so great to see everyone and finally put some faces with names. Don and Mike are excellent hosts as are everyone that contributes to the event! Already looking forward to next year!


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      I definitely had a great weekend too, but did succumb to mechanical woes early Saturday morning, when headed out for a coffee and auto parts (long story) my rovers motor started making a significant ticking noise - like a tappet adjuster backed off - I headed back to camp, pulled the valve cover & found a pair of broken valve springs. It just so happens I installed a rebuilt head about a month ago (unleaded) and these springs were new that came with the kit I purchased. I estimate I only have about 100 miles on this head. Strange and disappointing, but made the best of it and rode shotgun for the rest of the weekend.
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        People went to Metal Dash, and all I got was a tee shirt!

        JK Based on the pics and comments, it looked like a nice meet.

        I did order a shirt and it was delivered today. Thank you Dave!

        Living vicariously as I put a new frame under my project.
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