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All Metal Dash Weekend Sept 22-24th

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  • SCHEDULED EVENT: All Metal Dash Weekend Sept 22-24th

    Metal dash is almost 3 weeks away. T-shirts for this years event are on sale now. Please head over to our instagram page to order one or for additional information. 100% of the proceeds from T-shirt sales go to Don Flye to cover his event expenses.

    Some of the North East’s largest parts hoarders will be in attendance this year. If you’re looking for that rare NOS hens teeth unicorn part make sure to attend. And if you have anything to sell, trade or giveaway please bring it with you. And Don is possibly opening his barn again, he’s been secretly collecting parts.

    Post up your want list in this thread or DM us at metaldashweend on instagram and we’ll share your request with the hoarders so they can bring any specific part you need.

    On behalf of Don we hope too see everyone there this year, old friends and new ones. Thank you.

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    I hope the event is another great success, but I can't make it this year, I'm scheduled to work that weekend. I already told my boss that he can't schedule me on metal dash weekend next year or I'll call out. Have fun everyone! I'll see you all next year.
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      Trying to make it for at least one day!



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        Trying to make it. Anyone else?


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          I'm going.
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            Originally posted by worldofinflation View Post
            Trying to make it. Anyone else?
            I'll be there.
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              Sorry but won’t be able to make it this year

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                Well that was a fun time ! Good to see the crew that could make it & wheeled some interesting Class VI roads on both sides of the MA & NH borders.
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                  hope to make it next year!
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