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Pacific Coast Rover Club /ANARC event May 24-27 Redmond, Oregon

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    Originally posted by Linus Tremaine View Post

    I had a chat yesterday with one of the people who is planning this event and asked about this specifically.

    Essentially, he told me that if I see something that sounds dumb or seems counter intuitive, its probably a mistake or not worded the right way.

    There will be parking for trailers, I just am not sure where EXACTLY it is. I think the point of that statement is somewhat for the purposes of keeping the camping area from becoming a parking lot.

    I encourage you to reconsider. this is the first try for this event and there are bound to be some mistakes and confusing/contradicting instructions. The truth will be that they want it to be possible and easy to attend and there isn't going to be someone going around policing what you are doing.

    I hope you will give it a try.

    Got busy yesterday looking at a couple houses for sale and didn’t see this Linus. I get all that and really wanted to attend, it’s just not meant to be this year. If it happens next year I will seriously consider it. Drew
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      Anyone want to update this with some pics?