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Proline vs Genuine Front Drive Shaft

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  • Proline vs Genuine Front Drive Shaft

    Seems like I have two options for a front prop. Proline with rubber boot/gaiter ($150) or Genuine with no boot ($270). Roverfarm also has a no-boot version ($135).

    What to get? Don't mind forking up the dough if folks have had terrible luck with proline.

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    For the extra money I'd go with the Genuine. Or take your old one to a drive line shop and they can fix it up for you. They are generally just Spicer parts, nothing special about it.

    Heavy spinny thing go around very fast....Why take a chance on a piece of junk.


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      I bought a new one from RN last summer. I asked about the huge price difference between ProLine and Genuine. I asked which one is more durable, and he said "I don't know, I've never sold a genuine one". I bought the ProLine one.
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        Went with Proline. Justified it as a front prop failure won't keep you from getting home. Let's see if I regret it.