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Ohm readings for IIA fuel gauge

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  • Ohm readings for IIA fuel gauge

    Hi all. I'm troubleshooting an inaccurate fuel gauge, which is showing 3/4 when full. The float seems to be functioning as it should. Voltage also seems to be ok.

    Could someone please confirm that Series 2 gauges are calibrated to roughly 260 ohms empty and 15 ohms full? I wonder if the float (which looks new) is simply not the correct type? I'm using this 2014 thread on the RN forum as a guide. Thanks.
    All: Trouble shooting a minor annoyance. The fuel gauge on my 1986 2a 88 is showing 3/4 of a tank when the tank is full. I've checked the sender and the float is pinned against the limiter and should be sending the "tank full" signal to the gauge. Not sure if it's the sender not sending enough current (even though it's pinned) or the gauge reading improperly. Any trouble shooters out there already "been there/done that" with this kind of an issue - interested in any tips to try next.

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