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Thermostat housing gap

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  • Thermostat housing gap

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ID:	206013 So I’m rebuilding my 2.25 petrol engine in my 1970 S2A and put in a new thermostat (532453) and o-ring, but noticed the gap between the thermostat housing outlet pipe and base housing is very wide (around 1.83mm), which seems wider than any gaskets would compensate for even when tightened down (does compress a bit more). The thermostat I pulled out was flat and didn’t have a sleeved edge like the new one, but that flat one doesn’t appear to be correct according to the parts diagrams I’m finding (I believe I have the correct replacement).

    Any advice? Can multiple gaskets be used? Is this common?

    Any help would be appreciated
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    I think you have a "Bellows" style new t-stat. For this to be correct it should sit down onto the head section further than it is. Post up a pic of your head t-stat empty.
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      Here are 2 more pics…


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        So crisis resolved…I purchased 3 replacement bolts that were 2.75” long, however it looks like they also sell 2.5” thermostat bolts, so it looks like 2 bolts were bottoming out, which stopped it from fully compressing. Easy fix…
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          Older housings didn’t use the o ring.