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2.25l valve stem seals. Local suppliers?

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  • 2.25l valve stem seals. Local suppliers?

    Hello , would anyone have any advice for valve stem seals
    on a 2.25l engine. I received the new britpart valve stem seals and pretty disappointed in the quality to be honest.

    Would anybody know of a local supplier or maybe a cross reference part number for a higher quality valve stem seals in North America? Or More modern viton seals maybe.

    thank you .

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    Don't have a part number. Measure with calipers, take calipers and the seals to your local Napa or XXX store and see what they have or could order.
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      Trevor at Rovahfarm has viton seals.
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        Oh boy,,,,Been a while but I thought I remember them being the same as a very common US engine. Chevy small block maybe?